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"Specialty coffee is demanding for precision, while hospitality environments are notoriously rough. We go to great lengths to make tools with a balance of function and form".

The AutoComb

This hand powered WDT tool spins twelve carefully arranged needles at high speed, to consistently distribute the grinds and break up any clumps, which ensures the bed is ready for tamping and an even extraction can be achieved.

Built for speed and durability, the AutoComb is perfect for brutal hospitality environments, while its easy-to-use design means that it’s just as effective for the home barista.

The Comb

Our take on the Weiss Distribution Technique or WDT; one of the longest standing espresso distribution methods. The handle is made of soft silicone rubber with 25 thoughtfully placed holes for a wide array of needle comb-inations. 30 needles come as standard so you can instantly replace any bends or breaks.

The Tamper

The most repetitive motion behind bar deserves better. The Tamper’s 58.4mm diameter fits a VST basket exactly while the unique double flange not only eliminates the frustrating vacuum effect but also helps keep you vertical.

The Ring

Cleanliness is next to baristaliness. If your workflow involves coffee grinds and a portafilter, chances are the Ring can help. Magnetised, mirror polished interior, and fully stainless steel; we couldn’t make it any better. 

The Bowls

Ceramic cupping bowls are far from perfect. They're expensive to ship, break easily, and steal heat from the coffee. Our Cupping Bowls solve all of these issues in one fell swoop. Completely custom designed; we even sourced the specific material, ensuring these bowls are zero compromise. Available in white and black.

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