We're proud to be fighting for our planet

Here at Coffee Tools Distributing, we believe that sustainability is key to preserving the world we live in. We also believe in a fair and ethical coffee trade, not just for the farmers who grow the coffee we so enjoy, but also for their families and the communities they live in. Coffee is truly the source of what we do here at Coffee Tools Distributing and is an essential part of the lives of the people who work here, which is why the causes we support are so valued to us.


We've made the decision to be 1% better! Coffee Tools Distributing is so excited to be a member of 1% For The Planet and we commit to giving 1% back in order to aid organisations dedicated to improving our planet, its flora and fauna and its people.

Organisations we support

Food 4 Farmers- Through 1% For The Planet, we are able to provide funds to directly help coffee farming communities in Latin America. Food 4 Farmers work with coffee farmers to strengthen local food systems, encourage sustainable farming practices, diversify income, and cultivate local leadership.


Greening Australia- Greening Australia has been restoring Australia’s unique landscapes and protecting biodiversity at scale through collaborative, science-based programs for over 38 years. Greening Australia is committed to tackling Australia’s greatest environmental challenges in ways that work for communities, economies and nature; planting millions of native trees and plants, protecting hundreds of native species, and supporting Traditional Owners’ aspirations for restoring country. For more information, visit


The Chain Collaborative- “We believe that coffee communities make the best decisions about their own development and that sustainable change comes from local leadership. If we support a community’s vision by investing in their leaders who are committed and driven to see change, we believe we can build more equitable and sustainable communities with beneficiaries at the helm of their own initiatives.” -excerpt taken from The Chain Collaborative Mission Statement.


Project Waterfall- Through 1% For The Planet, we've been able to provide much needed funds to Project Waterfall who strive to bring clean water to coffee growing communities. We believe that it's just not right that while we enjoy the purest, filtered water in our coffee, the communities at the end of its supply chain face a water crisis. Project Waterfall are working hard to make a difference to coffee growers and their communities all over the world in order to bring clean water, sanitation and education.

Through Trillion Trees we've been able to contribute over a thousand trees to help restore the health of our land and water systems. Based in Western Australia, Trillion Trees are a not for profit organisation, who have already planted more than 15 million native trees in order to improve biodiversity and combat salinity and soil erosion in the beautiful country we call home.

Coffee Tools Distributing is a proud supporter of Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd are an international, direct action ocean conservation movement, whose mission is to defend, conserve and protect our oceans. This non-profit organisation, in operation since 1977, works tirelessly to protect all marine wildlife, to end the destruction of marine habitats and to uphold international conservation laws and agreements.

Coffee Tools Distributing proudly supports Redcliffe Rugby Juniors Sea Snakes. We believe in a strong community spirit and in sowing into the community around us. This local club not only provides opportunities for growth in the sport but also a sense of family, value and acceptance to the people in the neighbourhoods in which we live.