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Brew and serve your favourite tea with the Aberdeen Smart Tea Steeper

The ABERDEEN is a teapot with infuser that allows you to brew your tea leaves with minimal effort and no mess. Both, the 525ml and the 1000ml size can sit comfortably on a regular tea mug and allow you to pour your tea straight from the infuser pot into your mug. The see-through design allows you to watch your tea steeping and taking colour for the perfect infusion.

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BPA-Free and Food Safe Tritan™ Plastic


The ABERDEEN is one of the few plastic teapots and tea infusers in the market that is completely made from BPA-free, food safe Tritan™ plastic, meaning there is neither polycarbonate (which contains BPA), or cheap polypropylene (PP) in the filter mechanisms.

Many brands who claim to have a Tritan™ plastic unbreakable teapot, are often only partly made of Tritan™. They’re Tritan™ on the outside, but other cheap (PP) or other materials inside. Tritan™ is the only plastic material that is food safe certified in every country in the world today, making it an ideal choice to make an unbreakable teapot.

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