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Ceramic, a material that overturns the concept
of coffee filters.

An eco-friendly ceramic filter that does not require a paper filter. LOCA's unique ceramic technology removes miscellaneous flavours in three dimensions and brings out the clear taste and aroma of coffee.

The LOCA filter, which has a unique silhouette in both colour and texture, is made up of a myriad of invisible holes on the order of microns, which filter coffee.

Pursuing the size and number of holes suitable for coffee extraction, it drips at a speed suitable for extraction, which is slightly slower than that of paper filters.

LOCA Ceramic Filter pursues the taste of coffee from a scientific point of view. By filtering with ceramics, unpleasant and salty tastes are removed, and a mellow and high-quality coffee is completed. Regardless of the hand drip technique, anyone can enjoy the ultimate coffee.

When compared to paper filters, 78% of miscellaneous flavours are removed and 88% of salty flavours are removed.

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Scientifically proven taste change with LOCA ceramic filter

In order to capture changes in the taste of coffee brewed with the LOCA ceramic filter, we conducted a comparative test using a taste recognition device.

As a result, it was proved that compared to coffee drip with a paper filter, the taste is kept as it is, the miscellaneous taste and bitterness are suppressed, and the sweetness is easier to feel.

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