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The Handleless FlowTip Latte Art Jug makes learning latte art easier and offers the control and detail needed for the pros. 


The Handleless FlowTip Jug is the perfect companion for your NanoFoamer at home or for all day comfort at the café. The ergonomic heat resistant band makes the long hours of working with hot steamed milk a little easier on the hands. The smooth neck ensures a very even flow of milk during the pour. This gets the latte art started just right. The tangent edges of the spout gives the milk all the room it needs for dreamy ripples as it flows unobstructed from side to side. Sharp, only at the very tip. This means you can created very fine details at the end of your pattern without compromising your ripples earlier on.




FlowTip Handleless Jug - Black

  • Black Handleless FlowTip milk jug with silicon band
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