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There is a lot to like about this Minipresso NS2 Case. Made of durable EVA material covered with a soft and durable felt fabric, it is specially designed to protect the Minipresso NS2 capsule espresso machine from daily bumps and scratches. But that is not all, the case includes a rigid capsule box to carry eight coffee pods. It's enough coffee to last a trip to almost any destination. When you are in the wild, the capsule container can be used as a dumping box, helping you carry back your used capsules until you reach a recycling point. A silicone coaster and a microfiber towel are also included with the case, making it the perfect NS2 capsule espresso machine companion. Whether in your backpack, your luggage, or on your shoulder, thanks to its included carrying strap, you are ready for your next big adventure.

Note: the Minipresso NS2 portable espresso machine shown in some of the pictures nearby is sold separately.



  • Shockproof - EVA semi-rigid shell
  • Resilient outside coating - Pure wool felt fabric
  • Waterproof Inside coating - Durable Polyurethane
  • Easy to carry - Included shoulder strap
  • Large storage space - 140x110x70 mm
  • Additional compartment - Extra mesh pocket
  • Bonus pack - Capsule box, coaster, and towel




Minipresso NS2 Case

  • Minipresso NS2 Protective Case with strap
  • Capsule box for up to eight pods
  • Coaster
  • One soft towel
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