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Our long-awaited solution to the espresso grind distribution problem. A hand-powered WDT tool built for speed and durability.


The AutoComb spins 12 carefully arranged needles at high speed. This movement mechanically fluidises the grinds organising them into a fluffy and homogenous mass ready for tamping. It consistently distributes grinds very well; no matter how they started or who’s using the tool. Built for brutal hospitality environments, the AutoComb is not only built to last but it's quick, with the entire process taking less than 5 seconds.


Product Details:

  • Needle depth is adjustable for all baskets up to 25g, tool-free.

  • Compatible with almost every popular 58mm basket and portafilter (see details below).

  • Needles can be removed and/or replaced easily by hand.

  • You can drop it on the bench or bash it onto a portafilter without concern.

  • No wrist twisting or RSI-inducing movements.

  • Comes with heaps of spare needles.

  • All moving/sliding parts are excessively over-engineered.

  • All components are removable and user-replaceable with allen keys (supplied).

  • Made from anodised aluminium, impact resistant ABS, acetal, and stainless steel.


Café or Home?

Both! We designed the AutoComb to be tough and fast enough for café use. But it’s just as effective at home. If perfect Weiss technique eludes you before the morning caffeine, you’re in luck!

For cafes, we expect there will be a range of utilisation. Some venue managers say they will use it for every coffee. Others want to use it for their black/single origin coffees. We’re looking forward to seeing how it’s used in your venue!


Cleaning and Maintenance

Every part of the AutoComb is user removable with allen keys for cleaning or maintenance. The sliding carriage which holds the needles is removable without tools, so you can get up close with the needles, or run them under a tap. The white acetal slider is easily wiped clean if coffee grinds build up on the sliding surfaces.


The two ball bearings are fully sealed and lubricated for life.


This tool is NOT dishwasher safe. Hand washing only.




The AutoComb

  • 1 x AutoComb with 12 needles installed.
  • Tube with approx. 38 spare needles.
  • Allen keys.
  • Card with QR code for the quick-start guide and manual.
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