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the new NanoFoamer PRO

Introducing the new NANOFOAMER PRO

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Prepare premium microfoamed milk for your coffee at the touch of a button with the NanoFoamer PRO. This completely automatic, hands-free, premium microfoam maker will take your home coffee to a whole new level as you prepare your morning brew to the same standards as your favourite café.

The NanoFoamer PRO is a first-of-its-kind appliance for preparing premium microfoam milk at home. It’s the easiest and most satisfying way to create premium textured foam. And it does it all by itself in the same amount of time it takes you to pull an espresso. What more could one possibly ask for? 

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AS EASY AS 1,2,3


Achieving deliciously smooth microfoam couldn’t be easier. Start by adding milk to your chosen flow controller and select your desired program. Finally, pour your latte art and enjoy your coffee!


Capable of creating microfaom with even alternative milks, as well as cold milk, makes the new NanoFoamer PRO the optimal milk accessory for the whole family.

Become a home-barista and make superfine microfoam milk, with ease, in 20 seconds!

The NanoFoamer produces quality foam comparable to a professional grade espresso machine, at a fraction of the cost and doesn't take up half the kitchen counter.
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Super fine microfoam in seconds


Café quality microfoamed milk is now possible at home! Make your own barista-style cappuccino every day.

Stunning velvet textured milk


Better tasting, better looking and better textured coffees.

Keep it handy


Store your NanoFoamer on the adhesive wall mount or put the protective hood on and keep it in a drawer nearby.

Create beautiful latte art at home with the NanoFoamer

Whether you're having coffee at home or enjoying it in the great outdoors, achieving perfect micro foam for stunning latte art has never been more achievable. With its patented design and exclusive features, the NanoFoamer blows all the other competition out of the water. Featuring two different nano-screens to achieve different foam textures, a wall mount system for safe storage and a convenient water proof design for complete peace of mind, the NanoFoamer is guaranteed to produce barista-quality foamed milk, regardless of the type of milk you use.

Completely re-engineered with over sixteen major improvements, and a more powerful rechargeable version.

So what's new?

Clip-On NanoScreens


The new NanoScreens clip into the impeller rather than press-fit, ensuring they stay nice and flat.

Polycarbonate Impeller


This superior food-safe material gives the impeller a longer life, even in harsh conditions.

On/Off Digital Switch


By popular demand, our new switch is an ultra-light touch on/off switch.

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NanoFoamer V2 NanoScreens.png

New Rechargeable Model


Powerful, multi-touch two-speed option using rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion battery.

Stronger Construction


Improved internal build quality with tighter tolerances inside the motor.

New Battery Housing


Sturdy, tight fitting battery compartment to dampen vibrations.

Level up your Espresso game with Subminimal's next-level home barista tools designed to elevate your entire espresso experience

Pour beautiful latte art using the FlowTip milk jug

UpShot Close Up.jpg

Use the UpShot espresso shot mirror with a bottomless portafilter to gain insights into your extraction, check for channelling, and whether your grind size is right.

UpShot close up back.jpg
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The Flick espresso distribution tool (WDT) is intuitive, fun to use, and safe, thanks to its retractable needles. Puck prep has never been so much fun.

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Creating latte art that's set to impress is now achievable with the new FlowTip jug. Whether you're a beginner, a passionate home barista or at a professional level, this jug is a game changer. Featuring an ergonomic, heat resistant handle and custom designed spout, the FlowTip just will take your latte art to new levels.

Designed to be used with the NanoFoamer, the FlowTip jugs heat resistant technology means that it can be used directly on the stove top, including induction cook tops, to safely warm up milk before foaming it with the NanoFoamer. 

Available in Stainless SteelBlack Teflon Coated, or NEW Handleless option.

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