General FAQs

What are your official social media accounts?

How can I become a wholesaler or your products?

Becoming a wholesaler of our products is easy. Simply follow the link and fill in the Wholesaler Registration Form, Once we have assessed the form one of our staff will be in contact with you to discuss further.

What do I do if I have an issue with my item?

In the event that you have an issue or fault with one of the products we distribute, you will need to contact the retailer you purchased the product from and they will be able to assist you with the inquiry.
We work with all of our stockist to provide the best possible customer service experience, so rest assured that we will work with them to resolve any issues that arise with your product.

Do you sell direct to the public?

No, as we are the exclusive distributor of the AeroPress, and Wacaco products in Australia we only deal directly with the retail store and wholesale market who service the general public.

Minipresso FAQs

Does the Minipresso heat up the water?

No, the Minipresso requires hot water to be added to the water tank before use.

Does the Minipresso range come with a hard case?

The Minipresso comes with a soft carry case as standard but a hard case can be purchased in addition to offer further protection to you unit.

Can I purchase more filter baskets for the Minipresso GR?

The Minipresso GR comes standard with one 8g filter basket. You can purchase a Minipresso Barista Kit which comes with an additional three 8g filter baskets with caps and also a larger capacity 120ml water tank, this also doubles as a storage container for your coffee baskets.

What are the differences of the Minipresso range?

The Minipresso comes in three different variants, the GR, NS and CA.
The main differences are:

  • The Minipresso GR is designed to be used with ground coffee.
  • The Minipresso NS is designed to only be used with the Nespresso® capsules.
  • The Minipresso CA is designed to be used with the Caffitaly System® , Tchibo Cafissimo® and Aldi Expressi® capsules

Can I use any type of capsules in the Minipresso NS?

The Minipresso NS has been specifically designed to be used with the Nespresso® compatible capsules only.

Nanopresso FAQs

Does the Nanopresso heat up the water?

No, the Nanopresso requires hot water to be added to the water tank before use.

Does the Nanopresso come with a protective case?

Yes, the Nanopresso* comes standard with a hard protective case which holds the Nanopresso without attachments. Medium sized hard protective cases are also available to accommodate the edition of the Nanopresso NS Adapter and a large sized hard protective case is available to accommodate the Nanopresso Barista Kit with large water tank.

*The Nanopresso Red Patrol, Yellow Patrol and Orange Patrol don’t come standard with a protective case but these can be purchased separately.

Can I use capsules in the Nanopresso or just ground coffee?

The Nanopresso was specifically designed to be used with ground coffee, however now you can purchase the Nanopresso NS adapter which gives your Nanopresso the ability to extract beautiful coffee using the Nespresso® capsules.

Does the Nanopresso come with a 16g filter basket?

The Nanopresso comes with only the 8g filter basket, but you can purchase a Nanopresso Barista Kit that will give you the option to use a 16g filter basket in the unit along with a bigger water tank and accessories.

AeroPress FAQs

How do I clean my AeroPress?

After each use simply rinse the AeroPress with warm water and allow to dry. If you have any hard to rinse particles in the main chamber carefully use a light brush and warm soapy water to remove.

Can I buy replacement parts for the AeroPress?

All components for the AeroPress can be replaced, and many of our stockist carry the AeroPress spare parts on hand. The components are available to all of our stockists, so if they don’t happen to have them on hand simply ask them if they can order the part or parts in for you.

How many filter papers come with the AeroPress?

The AeroPress comes with a pack of 350 filters, which equates to about 1 years worth. You don’t want to get caught out with no filter papers, so when you’re running low grab yourself a replacement pack (Also 350 filters) from one of our many stockist.

What material is the AeroPress made out of?

The AeroPress main chamber, plunger, and filter basket are made out of food-grade Polypropylene plastic, which is BPA-Free and plunger seal is made out of food-grade rubber.