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Warranty – Retailers Only

Warranty Issues

This form is for the use of retailers whose customers may be experiencing difficulty with one of our products. Once a fault has been positively identified we can issue you a credit or send out a replacement.

If at all possible, we prefer to replace a faulty part rather than the whole unit. We’re happy to send the necessary part direct to your customer. Not because it’s cheaper (it generally isn’t) but because it’s a bit better for the planet. The less unnecessary waste that ends up in landfill, the better! Having said that, we understand that sometimes that’s not practical or that you might prefer just a credit or to to only deal with your customer yourself. We’re also happy to send the part to you if you want to give the customer what they need from your stock in the mean time.

Please complete the relevant details in the form below. If you have any questions feel free to email or call us on

(07) 3173 1552.

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