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Specialty Filter Paper For
Specialty Coffee

CAFEC is the creation of Sanyo Sangyo. Sanyo Sangyo is the Japanese pioneer in filter paper manufacturing, who developed the world’s first cone shaped filter paper for brewing coffee. 

With one of largest ranges of specialty coffee filter papers, you will be amazed with the selection available. Cafec not only have a unique method of manufacturing pour over filter paper, they have also created the world's first roast profile filter paper.

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World's First Roast Profile Filter Paper For Pour Over Coffee

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There are so many variables that affect the final result when brewing filter coffee; from the grind particle size, to the water temperature and the pour over dripper used. Yet, one variable that is quite often over looked is the filter paper. 

Sanyo Sango, Cafec's parent company in Oita Japan, set out to change the way pour over coffee is brewed by introducing the world's first roast profile filter paper. 

Available in three varieties: one for light roasts; one for medium-dark; and one for dark. The range of roast profile filter papers offers one final threshold by which coffee brewers can tweak their manual brewing recipes.

Chemical Free & Bleach Free

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All of the Cafec filter papers are made without the addition or use of bleach, glues, chemicals or unnatural elements. This is simply a 100% clean, eco-friendly and forest-sustainable coffee filter paper. As well as this, all Cafec ​filter papers are fully compostable and biodegradable. 

To find the Cafec filter paper that's right for you, we suggest checking out this article- A Beginners Guide To Brewing Pour Over Coffee At Home.

Want to know even more? Follow the link below:

Cafec Australia logo.jpg
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