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Hiku- The Premium Hand Coffee Grinder

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Hiku is equipped with a Kanso-designed 41mm burrset that is made of hardened, machined stainless steel. With the rangefinder inspired, stepless adjustment ring, there is no more messy guesswork or trial and error methods we’ve all seen and experienced before.

Hiku is an all-new, precision engineered, hand coffee grinder for the discerning coffee enthusiast. V1.2 is the new version Hiku that has modified adjustment range for coarser grinds. Several patent pending innovations make this the new, no-compromise, premium benchmark for coffee obsessives.

These include a large conical burrset, a novel shaft stabilisation system, and an exquisitely machined grind size adjustment ring.

The finely textured, hard anodised aluminium chassis contains food-safe roller bearings that deliver a smooth grind for class-leading, grind particle size distribution.

Hiku is available with options of regular Stainless Steel burrset or Titanium Nitride coated burrset. The grind cup capacity is about 50g.

Sleek   Precise   Timeless

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