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Finally there's a great way to pack, protect and carry all of your essential coffee brewing equipment.

Basal puts an end to makeshift cases that barely protect the tools we rely on. All Basal products are carefully crafted from heavy-duty materials and never bulky. Their products are built for efficiency and ease of use without sacrificing style or adding unnecessary weight to your luggage.

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Pequeno Digital Scale

The Pequeño Digital Scale is an extremely convenient way to increase the quality of your coffee. Weight your beans for each cup and accurately measure the water you add as you brew your coffee, to ensure the exact yield you want. This will help you make delicious coffee, cup after cup. This unit is precise, compact and convenient whether you’re making coffee at home or you’re hiking, camping, biking, travelling or working out of town. Pack it neatly into the Filter Coffee Traveller for easy storage alongside the rest of your coffee equipment.

Filter Coffee Traveller


This is the perfect carry case & travel case for your coffee brewing equipment. The Filter Coffee Traveller is a beautifully crafted coffee travel case that makes it easy to take your gear with you without fuss and without having to worry about damaging or misplacing anything. The structure is made from 5 premium layers, creating a durable and reliable coffee case that you can depend on. Slide it into your backpack or tote bag just as easily as your carry on suitcase and never be without your high quality coffee again.

Aero Filter Jar


The Aero Filter Jar is a metal screw top jar, made the perfect size to slide in a stack of AeroPress paper filters and keep them properly organised instead of spread through your bag. The Aero Filter Jar fits perfectly inside the Basal Filter Coffee Traveller and can easily hold 100 filter papers. To use, simply unscrew the cap and tip the jar upside down at which point the paper filters will bend out of the jar slightly, allowing you to slide off one at a time.

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