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Using a beautiful combination of engineering and coffee know-how, PUSH has been carefully designed to solve 3 key problems commonly associated with traditional tamping:


PUSH reduces channelling and promotes a more balanced and evenly extracted espresso, eliminating avoidable variables so your coffee tastes exactly like it's meant to. Stepless adjustment, accurate to 0.1mm allows for absolute precision across subtle variances in recipes.

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Once set, PUSH ensures a consistent tamping pressure each and every time. By guaranteeing a level and reproducible tamp, PUSH eliminates mistakes and variability from one tamp to the next, meaning less variation between espresso shots and less wastage.


PUSH is the only tamper developed with and tested by Ergonomics experts to reduce the risk of injury. The unique handle design allows you to apply pressure with an open palm, keeping the rest of your body in an upright and neutral position. A study funded by La Marzocco proved a significant reduction in the risk of injury to your wrists, shoulders and back compared to using a traditional tamper.

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