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Brew beyond boundaries.

The wait is over. Available now.

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Crafted with the best roasters, savoured one cup at a time. From bean to cup, elevate your coffee-drinking experience today.

3 simple steps to the best pour over


Scan the xPod on the sensor pad to activate bean recognition. The machine automatically brings up the roaster’s preset bean-specific brewing profile.


After pouring beans into the grinder, place the empty xPod on the dock and start the brewing process with a gentle tap on the force-touch dock.


Let the machine take care of the rest. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the brew that captures the same exceptional taste and quality, as roasters intended it to be.

Engineered to unlock unique flavours, from grinder to pouring system.

Solid-state pouring technology

xBloom's patented 'solid-state' pouring technology, combined with their vector force system, accurately replicates unique barista pouring styles during the brewing process.

A first-of-its-kind

The world's first coffee grinder with automatic step motor adjustment for specified grind sizes and auto-recalibration, reducing static and achieving near-zero retention for consistently high-quality coffee.

Force engine and linear stage

xBloom's docking station initiates brewing with haptic feedback, vibrates the pod for even extraction, and includes an embedded scale with anti-overflow detection for precise coffee-to-water ratio.

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Roaster intelligence. All in the xPod.

Roasters are in the driving seat with every extraction parameter in their control. The RFID tag at the bottom contains the unique brewing method specifically tailored to whole beans inside.

xBloom adjusts the temperature, ratio, grind and pouring pattern, ensuring that every cup tastes exactly how they are intended by xBloom's world-class roaster and curator partners.

Unleash your creativity with your own beans.

The xBloom App

With customisation comes personalisation. Get your “Creative Mode” on with xBloom's intuitive smart app, you can personalise settings to match your taste, all in a few touches.

Reusable dripper

We know that you may have a bag of beans that you know and love. With xBloom's reusable dripper, you can optimise your brewing parameters to match your taste preferences using the app, starting from a default recipe stored on the dripper’s RFID tag.

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