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Lotus was founded on the belief that you don't need to be a world class brewing competitor to brew great coffee. Water makes up 98% of coffee and the seemingly magical enhancement of flavour the right balance of minerals can have on your brew, is something coffee professionals have known about for years. With The Lotus Coffee Brew Water Kit you can now easily craft water recipes designed by our very own and wonderfully talented Lance Hedrick, recreate your favourite roaster's water, or experiment on your own to dial in your cup just how you like it. So go ahead, embrace your inner champion and start brewing better coffee today.

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The two variables that have the biggest impact on your coffee are the coffee beans themselves and the water you use to brew them. Lotus Water allows you to craft water that can increase the desirable flavours in your coffee and mute the undesirable ones. Each kit comes with four ingredients and mixing bottles are available separately. Using our recipes (see link below), you can explore the different flavours of a single coffee by changing the mineral balance of your water. 

To find a recipe that's right for you, follow the link below:

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