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Whether it's a pour over or a French press, this rage of alternative coffee brewers has something for everyone to ensure you're getting the best out of your favourite coffee.

French Press

The humble French press, also known as coffee presses or coffee plungers, are an eco friendly, paper-waste free way to brew a better cup of coffee. The natural coffee oils brew in the pot with the hot water, giving it a rich flavour.

Use the French press coffee maker with coarse ground coffee to extract maximum flavour without getting any of the coffee grounds into your cup. French presses can also be used as tea presses to prepare loose-leaf teas.

Pour Over

Brew and serve from a single device with GROSCHE pour over coffee makers, which are uniquely designed to be simple to use, while still extracting the maximum flavour out of your favourite coffee. All GROSCHE pour over coffee makers come with a permanent stainless steel filter, making them an eco friendly, paper-waste free way to brew your coffee.

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