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Our filter is seemingly a solid piece of artwork, but this special ceramic system is composed of countless micro-pores, measuring mere microns in diameter, through which coffee or other beverages are filtered. The resulting taste and aroma of your coffee or beverage is unparalleled, compared to other pour-over systems.


This unique ceramic technology removes miscellaneous flavours, including unpleasant and salty tastes* and brings out the clear taste and aroma of coffee.


The flow rate is adjustable, like a paper filter or mesh screen, and is dependent on the amount of water poured into it. Tailor-make your coffee strength by adjusting, not only the amount of water poured, but by the grind type as well.


We recommend a medium to medium-coarse grind.


Made in Japan


*When compared to paper filters, 78% of miscellaneous flavours are removed and 88% of salty flavours are removed.


**Stand sold separately.




Loca Ceramic Filter Round Small Size (1-2 serves)


1 x Reusable Ceramic filter

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