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With a smaller and lighter form factor, the Minipresso GR2 continues to deliver exceptional in-cup espresso quality. We have significantly improved the renowned Minipresso in two crucial areas: sustainability and user experience.


Experience the ultimate coffee customisation with our innovative new design, featuring a built-in adjustable basket. Discover the freedom to select between 8 or 12g of pre-ground coffee, allowing you to explore and effortlessly achieve your perfect espresso strength. Elevating convenience to new heights, the Minipresso GR2 includes additional accessories, such as a dosing funnel and a drip tray, ensuring a seamless brewing experience. Unleash your coffee creativity and enjoy unparalleled convenience with the Minipresso GR2.


The Minipresso GR2 is not only more compact but also incorporates eco-friendly measures. We have prioritised sustainability by reducing plastic material usage and incorporating bio-based materials in some parts. Furthermore, all texts and logos are now integrated into the parts, saving energy and resources.


The Minipresso GR2 features:

  • Freshly ground or pre-ground coffee compatible
  • Adjustable basket capacity, 8-12g of ground coffee 
  • Pressurised portafilters - Produces a beautiful espresso with a thick layer of crema
  • Fun to brew - Consistent rich, and flavourful espresso
  • Easy to use - Quick to clean
  • Hand powered - No electricity, no battery required
  • Eco-conscious - Partially made of wheat-base polymers
  • Extra compact - Only 125mm high
  • Ultra-light - Weighs only 285g 
  • Included accessories: brush, scoop, funnel, and drip tray
  • French design - Modern and elegant style


NOTICE: Minipresso GR2 does not heat up water.




Minipresso GR2

  • Minipresso GR2
  • Built-in espresso cup
  • Scoop
  • Funnel
  • Drip tray
  • Brush
  • Carry pouch
  • Multi-language instruction book
  • Warranty card
  • Wacaco sticker
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