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Fits all cups, big or small.

Use the UpShot espresso shot mirror with a bottomless portafilter to gain insights into your extraction, check for channelling, and whether your grind size is right.

The UpShot mirror is unique as it sits on the edge of the cup, bringing that mirror closer to your portafilter and giving you a better close-up look at the extraction. The UpShot mirror is made from ultra thin tempered and edgeless glass and ships with an adhesive magnetic dot so that it can easily be magnetized to your espresso machine or near your coffee station.



Place the UpShot mirror on the edge your cup then press to adjust the vertical angle. If you regularly use the same cup, the UpShot will always be set just right.



A little push is all it takes to adjust the UpShot to any desired angle, from completely horizontal all the way up to almost vertical.


Magnetic Mount

Apply the magnetic dot to the wall or on your espresso machine to keep the mirror handy at all time.




Subminimal UpShot

  • One Shot Mirror
  • One Magnetic Wall Mount
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