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The two variables that have the biggest impact on your coffee are the coffee beans themselves and the water you use to brew them. With the Lotus Coffee Brew Water Kit you can now easily craft water recipes designed by our very own and wonderfully talented Lance Hedrick, recreate your favourite roaster's water, or experiment on your own to dial in your cup just how you like it. Furthermore, Lotus Water allows you to craft water that can increase the desirable flavours in your coffee and mute the undesirable ones.

Each kit comes with four ingredients. Mixing bottles are available seperately. Using tried and tested recipes here on the Lotus website, you can explore the different flavours of a single coffee by changing the mineral balance of your water.


What do the different ingredients do?

  • Magnesium and calcium both contribute to your water's hardness. Increasing these is like turning a dial on the extraction power of your water. There's a limit though, if we go too high you can pull in undesirable flavours and/or mute some of the more complex ones. 
  • Calcium tends to accent sweetness of coffee but maintain clarity, while magnesium helps add complexity of flavour and mouthfeel. Playing around with varying ratios of these ingredients can fine tune dialling in a new coffee. 
  • Potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate contribute to water alkalinity. Both of these ingredients have a direct effect on your beverage acidity, by serving as a buffer to changes in acidity during the brewing process. 
  • Sodium lends itself to a smoother cup and can help cut bitterness if the roast is darker or extraction is high, while potassium lets the fruit flavours shine through in a fun and interesting way.




Lotus Brew Water Kit

  • 59ml/2oz Magnesium Chloride mineral concentrate drops (includes a precision dropper)
  • 59ml/2oz Calcium Chloride mineral concentrate drops (includes a precision dropper)
  • 59ml/2oz Sodium Bicarbonate mineral concentrate drops (includes a precision dropper)
  • 59ml/2oz Potassium Bicarbonate mineral concentrate drops (includes a precision dropper)
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